As legal nurse consultants and registered nurses, we provide our expertise when the legal world and the medical world overlap.

Our job is to take complex medical information and make it easier for lawyers, jurors, and judges to understand. We work with legal professionals to educate them on medical, nursing, and health-related issues for things like medical fraud cases, medical malpractice cases, personal injury cases, and more.

Below are some of the services we provide:

Fact Chronology and Case Summary Preparation

After initially screening a case, we begin creating a fact chronology that chronologically outlines the series of events that led to the injury in question. We then use this information to create a case summary that details the alleged damages/injuries, how they occurred, and the effect they have had on the individual(s) involved.

Expert Witness Identification

Qualified medical experts are often helpful in cases such as these. With the client’s unique situation in mind, we will work to locate and correspond with witnesses from hospitals, universities, and medical institutes who are experts in their fields. Once obtained, we will assist in interviewing the expert witness and help to prepare them for the deposition and trial.

Medical Record and Billing Analysis

One of the most important parts of cases like these is defining the applicable standards of care and how those standards were deviated from and/or adhered to. We must also identify, review, and summarize medical records, hospital policies, and procedures that may have contributed to the alleged damages/injuries. Finally, we conduct medical literature research and combine it with medical findings and bills to form a case analysis.

Correspondence Drafting

We often act as a liaison for the attorneys we work with. As LNCs, we frequently interview clients, witnesses, experts, and healthcare providers when needed. We also help the case progress more efficiently by developing written tools for the attorney to use and drafting responses for various communications with other legal professionals.

Deposition Preparation

A key factor to a successful case is being able to prepare high-quality deposition and interview questions. We use our experience to create deposition questions that thoroughly cover every concern that could arise within a given case. After attending the deposition, we then review, analyze, and summarize the findings to make it easily digestible.

Case Planning

With all of the information we’ve gathered, we begin to prepare to support the attorney’s case by gathering medical literature, conducting research analysis, coordinating independent medical examinations (IMEs), and preparing exhibits as needed. We can also help by referring to a professional life care planner who can outline the future cost of care for the injured individual.

Trial Preparation

As the trial approaches, we help the attorney review all of the information we’ve collected as they prepare to make defend their case. Additionally, we work with attorneys to create visual aids, like graphs, charts, or diagrams, to help the judge and jury better understand complex medical data.