What is an LNC?

As defined by the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC), a legal nurse consultant provides “the analysis and evaluation of facts and testimony and the rendering of informed opinions related to the delivery of nursing and other healthcare services and outcomes and the nature and cause of injuries. The legal nurse consultant is a licensed registered nurse who performs a critical analysis of clinically related issues in a variety of settings in the legal arena.”

Here are a few examples of what the legal nurse consultant (LNC) can do for you, the legal professional:
  • Identify and analyze medical records
  • Prepare a fact chronology or summary of those records
  • Identify appropriate standards of care in medical malpractice cases
  • Evaluate case strengths and weaknesses
  • Provide education for you and your clients about relevant medical issues
  • Search medical literature for pertinent articles and other research
  • Assist with deposition or trial preparation
  • Serve as an expert witness or identify and facilitate review by an expert witness
These highly-qualified nurses collaborate in multiple medical-legal matters, such as:
  • Medical malpractice
  • Personal injury
  • Product liability
  • Forensic/correctional matters
  • Nursing Home litigation
  • Regulatory compliance
The LNC has:
  • Knowledge (understanding of anatomy, physiology, medical treatment, and disease processes),
  • Experience (extensive clinical experience in interpretation of medical records and medical literature), and 
  • Resourcefulness (network of medical and professional resources and contacts)
to support you in your medically related litigation.

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