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GrahamLNC provides accurate medical knowledge and detailed record review to assist your legal team with medical malpractice and personal injury lawsuits. We offer everything from subpoena preparation to expert witness identification to medical record review.

Helping attorneys win medically-related cases

Pamela Graham goes the extra mile for her clients. Her team spends the time to really understand each case, keep the medical record organized, offer case-specific suggestions, and ultimately, provide all the medical assistance lawyers need to build a strong case.

What can you expect from GrahmLNC?

Efficient Medical
Record Collection &

We will help you collect a complete medical record and prepare your medical review and chronoly for trial.

Timely, Accurate
Medical reports

After we consult with your team, we will review your case for merit and potential defensibility and respond quickly with a detailed, accurate report.

Honest, Lawsuit

We will provide your legal team with clinically informed and knowledgeable suggestions for your unique medical case.

Does your case have merit?

Check your case details against our tried-and-true merit checklist.

How we achieve winning results

When it comes to medical consultation and review, timeliness and accuracy are CRUCIAL. Pamela Graham is the only LNC who provides a truly reliable 7-step process for malpractice and personal injury attorneys.

Step 1 - Attorney Consultation
Step 2 - Merit Review, Medical Summary and/or Chronology
Step 3 - ID Potential Witnesses
Step 4 - Attorney SDT Approval
Step 5 - Medical Record & Deposition Review
Step 6 - Update Chronologies & Summary
Step 7 - Medical Records Organization

Pam Graham

Making a Difference - Case Examples

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Case #1

The Case: Our client – a treatment facility – was a co-defendant. The primary defendant was a deceased driver who was involved in a car accident. The main allegation was that the deceased driver who caused the accident had received a large dose of an antihistamine at the treatment facility prior to his discharge from the facility.

The Result: With the help of GrahamLNC, the client was able to show that the deceased defendant took the medication on his own and not at the facility, thereby releasing the facility from legal responsibility.

Case #2

The Case: GrahamLNC represented a detention center where a young man committed suicide. The primary complaint was that the booking and correctional officers should have recognized the young man’s potential for hurting himself.

The Result: With the LNC’s knowledge and understanding of regulations and standards, we were able to show that the detention center and staff met the minimum standards and complied with their policies and procedures. Although this case was tragic, the young man had not given any clear indication he would hurt himself, and expecting the detention facility staff to diagnose suicidal ideation was beyond their scope.

Case #3

The Case: A small independent airport with a philanthropic mission was sued for a small craft airplane crash they did not cause. The case involved multiple defendants, including government agencies. There were two people seriously injured, including the individual who actually caused the crash. The other injured victim was left in a semi-vegetative state. The two injured parties (including the young man who caused the crash) sued for damages.

The Result: Fortunately, our client (the small airport) retained the right legal team. We performed in-depth research (psychological and driving records) to gather information about the young man who actually caused the crash that’s been crucial in taking this case in a completely different direction.

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